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23. Nizan Packin: The Positives & Negatives of Our Inevitable Fintech Future.

Link to her faculty page:

Nizan Packin is an associate professor at the Zicklin school of business who focuses on law and finance. In particular holding interests in fintech, big data, net banks, and how they all come together. 

We have a fascinating conversation on how big data and algorithms are playing a much more prominent role in financial decision making.

We discuss regulatory arbitrage, technology firms becoming banks, and the positive and negative impacts of our fintech future. 

10. Donald Harris: Navigating the Ins & Outs of Intellectual Property Law / How Long Should My Patent Be?

Donald Harris is a Law professor and associate dean of academic affairs at the Beasley School of Law at Temple University. He maintains an interest in intellectual property law. Professor Harris talks to us about the trade-offs a society needs to make between innovation and well being, what patent law and copyright law are, the need for providing incentives in the market, what intellectual property piracy is, and much more.

Link to his faculty page:

6. Paul H. Robinson: Engineering a Criminal Code, The Dynamics of Morality, & The Influence of Identity Politics

Law professor Paul H. Robinson on how we as a society could better engineer a criminal code, the topic of crime control, the dynamics of morality over time, our approach to criminal justice as a nation, the importance of legitimacy regarding a set of laws, and the influence of identity politics in the classroom.

Link to his faculty page