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24. Linda Allen: An Alternative Theory For Explaining the Magnitude of the Great Recession.

Link to her faculty page:

Linda Allen is a professor of finance at Baruch college who maintains interests in the field of financial risk.

We have a fascinating discussion on the 07-08 crisis focusing on an alternative theory to why the magnitude of The Great Recession was so pronounced. We also discuss some lessons you can take away from the crash and doing your due diligence.

23. Nizan Packin: The Positives & Negatives of Our Inevitable Fintech Future.

Link to her faculty page:

Nizan Packin is an associate professor at the Zicklin school of business who focuses on law and finance. In particular holding interests in fintech, big data, net banks, and how they all come together. 

We have a fascinating conversation on how big data and algorithms are playing a much more prominent role in financial decision making.

We discuss regulatory arbitrage, technology firms becoming banks, and the positive and negative impacts of our fintech future. 

9. Justin Vitanza: So Just How Heavily Should We Regulate Banks?

Justin Vitanza is an assistant professor of finance with experience working for the FDIC who holds interests in banking and risk. He talks to us today about banking defaults, the intricacies of regulating a bank, the efficacy of Dodd Frank, different types of financial risk, living wills, the difficulties in unwinding a bank, ratings agencies, & misconceptions and criticisms about the finance profession.

Link to his faculty page: