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22. Anwar Shaikh: Starting Off on The Wrong Foot. Is Economics Predicated on The Wrong Basic Assumptions?

Link to his faculty page:

Professor Anwar Shaikh is a heterodox professor of economics whose book Capitalism: Capital, Conflict, Crisis is our main topic of discussion.

We go down a fascinating road on his main thesis that what drives capitalism and its cyclical nature can be explained by intrinsic forces such as the profit motive for corporations.

This, as opposed to the current orthodox view that the rational actor, who care only about their consumption, makes the world go round in a sense.

The talk encompasses subtopics ranging from his background as a social activist to how his theory of capitalism differs from orthodox theory, to how the lay person should view capitalism.

19. Iyad Obeid: Decoding Infinity / How To Read a Brain

Iyad Obeid is an associate professor of electrical engineering who focuses on brain computer interfaces and decoding neural signals.

My conversation with him covers the difficulties of capturing signals from neural tissue, how one can apply machine learning and big data to EEGs, the differences between brains and computers, and what the future of brain machine interfaces might look like.

Link to his website:

18. Brendan O’Leary: Why Is Northern Ireland Such a Contentious Point for Brexit? / The Future of Global Governance

My guest today is political science professor Brendan O‚ÄôLeary. He has been an advisor to the United Nations and European Union and has held many other distinguished positions. 

We discuss many topics ranging from why and how Northern Ireland became such a contentious point for Brexit, why Brexit has taken so long, the efficacy of referendums, his knowledge on conflicts and power sharing, the future of global politics, and much more.

Link to his faculty page:

17. Daniel Cohen: Why a Green New Deal is the Only Way / The Gravity of the Climate Crisis

Daniel Cohen is a political science professor and director the Socio-Spatial Climate Collaborative (SC2).

The conversation covers topics such as the negative impact of the fossil fuel industry on climate progress, the inequality that is tethered to climate change, how dire the climate situation is, what the Green New Deal is, how society can stave off the negative impacts of climate change, and envisioning a new, healthier way of life all together.

Link to his website: