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22. Anwar Shaikh: Starting Off on The Wrong Foot. Is Economics Predicated on The Wrong Basic Assumptions?

Link to his faculty page:

Professor Anwar Shaikh is a heterodox professor of economics whose book Capitalism: Capital, Conflict, Crisis is our main topic of discussion.

We go down a fascinating road on his main thesis that what drives capitalism and its cyclical nature can be explained by intrinsic forces such as the profit motive for corporations.

This, as opposed to the current orthodox view that the rational actor, who care only about their consumption, makes the world go round in a sense.

The talk encompasses subtopics ranging from his background as a social activist to how his theory of capitalism differs from orthodox theory, to how the lay person should view capitalism.

15. Richard Prisinzano: An Analysis of the Warren Campaign’s Proposed Wealth Tax.

Richard Prisinzano, director of policy analysis at the Penn Wharton Budget Model (PWBM), talks to us today about the democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposed wealth tax.

We get his take on the PWBM’s analysis of the Warren wealth tax, an analysis be helped direct, along with his comments on the rebuttals to the  analysis. 

We do also touch on other related topics such as tax avoidance, the impact of taxes on GDP and many more things tax related. I have attached a link to the PWBM analysis below.

Link to the analysis:

Link to his Twitter:

Link to the Warren Campaign wealth tax proposal:

14. Marco Airaudo: A Winding Road Through Monetary Policy

Marco Airaudo is an associate professor of economics with focuses on monetary policy, macroeconomics, and international finance.

We have a fascinating conversation on the underlying drivers behind monetary policy touching on things such as what the role of money in an economy is, how and what inflation is/ why it occurs, and what central banks generally do.

Link to his faculty page: