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19. Iyad Obeid: Decoding Infinity / How To Read a Brain

Iyad Obeid is an associate professor of electrical engineering who focuses on brain computer interfaces and decoding neural signals.

My conversation with him covers the difficulties of capturing signals from neural tissue, how one can apply machine learning and big data to EEGs, the differences between brains and computers, and what the future of brain machine interfaces might look like.

Link to his website:

5. Peter Sterling: Brain Design & What is Health

We discuss why the brain is designed the way it is, how and why the brain is in control of many physiological actions, the importance of dopamine in everyday life, the negative impact of societies current structure on our health and what society can do to improve its collective wellbeing.

Link to his faculty page

Link to his new book, What is Health

His article in Time: “How Neuroscience Could Explain the Rise of Addictions, Heart Disease and Diabetes in 21st Century America”