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Questions Outstanding

GINI, GDP, HDI and all the other acronyms. What is the best metric to measure a nations economic health?  

Did the introduction of negative rates do more harm than good? Or is it too early to tell?

Why/Why Not

Looking back, what should have been done, and how soon, to best task tackle Covid 19.

Looking forward, what are the strategies to curb a future pandemic. What can society do today?

How best should global governments handle the economic fallout from Covid19? What are the arguments for maintaining supply and maintaining demand?

Should people control the rights to their data footprint? If so, what are the technical and regulatory mechanics behind what giving consumers control of their data?

Is the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next % cheating?

Why/Why not

How should an athletic body define cheating in sports?

What value, if any, does the current health care system (private health insurance, PBM’s, etc.) provide over a nationalized healthcare system? Can the two systems coexist together?

What has Covid 19 unveiled about capitalism as it functions within our society?

Are progressives pushing too far or is contemporary society simply unaware of its impending place in antiquity?

Loud tails and quiet Humps: Is the US truly as polarized as it is commonly understood to be?

Do billionaires illustrate an inherent flaw in our? Should individuals be allowed to accumulate a billion dollars worth of capital?

Why/ Why not

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