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3. Michael Horowitz: Foreign Relations, Why Leaders Fight, Military Power, & Artificial Intelligence

Michael Horowitz, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania & interim head of the Perry World House on why leaders fight, the diffusion of military power, artificial intelligence, the current state of US foreign policy, & the Patriots. 

Link to his faculty page:

2. Steve Newman: On Unions, University Football Stadiums, and the Humanities

Steve Newman, english professor and president of the Temple Association of University Professionals, talks to us about the importance of listening to communities, why unions matter, controversies around the proposed Temple University football stadium in North Philadelphia, and the necessity of the humanities in today’s society.

Link to his faculty page:

Link to his article in Philadelphia Magazine:

Link to the article he touched on arguing an opposing view to the Temple Football Stadium:

1. Michael Sances: Differences in the State & Federal Government, Voter Stratification by Education, & What a Political Scientist Does.

Political Science Professor Michael Sances on the relationship between the state and federal government, voter stratification by education, the affordable care act, and what a political scientist actually does.

Link to his faculty page:

Link to The Economist article which references his research on voter stratification: