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MonthMarch 2020

26. Jonathan Snow: So What Exactly Happened to all the Bees? And Why?

On this episode we discuss the ominous question, Why are the bees disappearing and are humans to blame?

We have a fascinating conversation on everything from the cellular stress responses of the honey bee, to how bug populations in general seem to be dwindling down, to what humans can do top help bolster the bee population.

Jonathan Snow
Jonathan Snow

Jonathan Snow is an assistant professor of biology who studies the cellular stress responses of the honey bee. Attaching the question of why the honey bee has face an increased rate of die off as of late.

25. Natalia Petrzela: FIT NATION: How Americans Embraced Exercise As the Government Abandoned It

Historian, professor, and podcast host Natalia Petrzela takes us through her upcoming book Fit Nation.

We discuss the contemporary perceptions and landscape of the fitness culture in the United States along with how perceptions and meanings associated with fitness have changed over time.

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24. Linda Allen: An Alternative Theory For Explaining the Magnitude of the Great Recession.

Link to her faculty page:

Linda Allen is a professor of finance at Baruch college who maintains interests in the field of financial risk.

We have a fascinating discussion on the 07-08 crisis focusing on an alternative theory to why the magnitude of The Great Recession was so pronounced. We also discuss some lessons you can take away from the crash and doing your due diligence.

23. Nizan Packin: The Positives & Negatives of Our Inevitable Fintech Future.

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Nizan Packin is an associate professor at the Zicklin school of business who focuses on law and finance. In particular holding interests in fintech, big data, net banks, and how they all come together. 

We have a fascinating conversation on how big data and algorithms are playing a much more prominent role in financial decision making.

We discuss regulatory arbitrage, technology firms becoming banks, and the positive and negative impacts of our fintech future. 

22. Anwar Shaikh: Starting Off on The Wrong Foot. Is Economics Predicated on The Wrong Basic Assumptions?

Link to his faculty page:

Professor Anwar Shaikh is a heterodox professor of economics whose book Capitalism: Capital, Conflict, Crisis is our main topic of discussion.

We go down a fascinating road on his main thesis that what drives capitalism and its cyclical nature can be explained by intrinsic forces such as the profit motive for corporations.

This, as opposed to the current orthodox view that the rational actor, who care only about their consumption, makes the world go round in a sense.

The talk encompasses subtopics ranging from his background as a social activist to how his theory of capitalism differs from orthodox theory, to how the lay person should view capitalism.