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13. Bryant Simon: Is Our Drive to Make Things Cheaper Killing Us?

Bryant Simon is a history professor with interests in everything from Southern History to Food Studies.

The conversation starts with a fascinating overview of historic topics such as white workers in the south during the new deal era, the racial segregation of Atlantic City in the early to mid 20th century and the Hamlet Fire, a tragic incident that illustrates the shortcomings of how cheap our society has become. 

The second part of the conversation focuses on how The United States willingness to save money comes above all else, but at a cost. As such we touch  on everything from climate change to a wholistic lack of regulation and how the drive to make things less expensive and pay people less isn’t inherent to the countries identity.  

The conversation finishes by discussing why studying history is important and why society shouldn’t overlook those who study the humanities 

Link to his faculty page:

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